Seattle Dating Profile

because better dating photos
= better matches on dating apps


Seattle Dating Profile Photographer

because better dating photos
= better matches on dating apps

Honest, intentional online dating photography in Seattle WA

I'M READYI'M READY5 star Seattle Photographer[ 270 5-star reviews and counting ] 

I'm Andrea, your online dating wingman.

Seattle Dating photographer
I make people look relaxed and confident in their dating profile photos by making them *feel* relaxed and confident in real life.

Awkward in front of a camera? 
No prob. 

Track record of looking goofy in photos?
Not anymore.

You don't have to figure out what to wear or how to pose or which (if any) of your current dating photos are worth keeping. I've got you covered.
5 star Seattle Photographer
"I was super nervous about getting my picture taken but Andrea walked me through the entire process. The whole experience felt more like spending time with a really chill friend, who just happens to be amazing at taking photos."
5 star Seattle Photographer
"I was super nervous about getting my picture taken but Andrea walked me through the entire process. The whole experience felt more like spending time with a really chill friend, who just happens to be amazing at taking photos."

Akash's "before" dating photos

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Akash's "after" dating photos

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Seattle dating photo with dog
This is more than just a dating photoshoot. 

Seattle Dating Photography Packages include:

An honest assessment of your current dating photos

A customized dating app photo shoot itinerary

what to wear for dating profile photos icon

Dating photoshoot wardrobe & style support

professional photographer icon

Facial expression and body language coaching

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Online dating photo curation (which pics & in what order)

Personal recommendations for more dating app support

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5 star Seattle Photographer
"ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. Andrea has an artistic eye and a knack for drawing out sweet and authentic moments (no smoke and mirrors here). Worth. Every. Penny."

Scott's "before" dating photos 

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5 star Seattle Photographer
"ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. Andrea has an artistic eye and a knack for drawing out sweet and authentic moments (no smoke and mirrors here). Worth. Every. Penny."

Jihad upgraded his dating photos in Belltown in June...

He got lots of attention on Bumble...  

...and met Anastasia later that month! 

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Relaxed Kirkland Dating Portrait

David's "before" dating profile photos

David's "after" online dating photos in Redmond

... David met Sara within a month of uploading his photos to Hinge! 

(they got married the following year! ๐Ÿ’)
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Joe's "after" dating photos on Bainbridge Island

5 star Seattle Photographer
"Working with Andrea is not quick or cheap, but Iโ€™m not quick or cheap, Iโ€™m not looking for a relationship on the basis of quick or cheap, and the work product she produced is not just a good reflection of me, but is also demonstrably something that involved quite some effort to create.  I think anyone who sees my dating profile will recognize that as well. So, itโ€™s not only โ€œmeโ€ that someone sees, itโ€™s also that โ€œmeโ€ is already investing in this process (dating), not just bipping online to scroll through snapshots and profiles."

Grant's "before" dating profile photos

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Grant's "after" dating profile photos

5 star Seattle Photographer
"Although I had never met her before, Andrea acted like we had always been friends. She's cool, she's fun and she's not shy. She will make you feel the same."

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Outdoor dating photography in Issaquah

Annie upgraded her online dating photos in Kirkland...

And met Tim just a few months later on! ๐Ÿ’•

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Tinder Profile Photographer
5 star Seattle Photographer
"Andrea is an amazing photographer that makes what is normally difficult seemingly super easy! She guided me throughout the entire process, helped me pose, chatted with me to keep me relaxed, and hyped me up throughout the photoshoot."
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5 star Seattle Photographer
"Andrea makes the process of doing something that I normally find really hard and awkward very enjoyable. Worth every penny."
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Urban dating photography for women in Seattle

Keith's "before" dating profile photos

We updated Keith's dating photos in SLU in April...

...and he met Matt in October ๐Ÿ’•

5 star Seattle Photographer
"Andrea is such a kind and open person. She makes those of us who have a phobia of being photographed so comfortable so that she captures who you are inside and out."

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Jeremy's "after" online dating photos in Ballard

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5 star Seattle Photographer
"TLDR: Guys, profile pictures are important. If you want more matches, hire Andrea right NOW. If you are wondering if you need better profile pictures, you probably do and she's the woman for the job."


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5 star Seattle Photographer
โ€œThe moment you meet Andrea she is like a friend you've known forever. The photo shoot goes by with lots of laughter and fun. She has a talented eye and captured moments where I looked and felt beautiful."

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Nic's updated dating profile photos

Ballard Dating Photographer
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5 star Seattle Photographer
"The photoshoot was so amazing! I've told literally all my friends about how great and cool you are and how it didn't even feel like you were taking pictures of me. It just felt like a cool hang!"

We shot Adriana's new dating photos in Fremont in April...

...and she met her (now) wife on Hinge in May! ๐Ÿฅ‚

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Christian's new Hinge photos 

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5 star Seattle Photographer
"Andrea knocked it out of the park. I don't know how to pose in photos but with Andrea it was very easy because it didn't really feel like I was posing."
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5 star Seattle Photographer
"Still buzzing from this  morning! I really appreciate how well-executed everything felt today. I'm sure it's a huge challenge to build genuine rapport with new clients just after meeting them and be expected to take great photos too!
It's clear from your process - the first phone call to the email guides to the packings lists and of course our time today - that you've spent a lot of time and effort building and tweaking your product to be a relentlessly high-quality experience. I felt taken care of the whole way through."

So, shall we upgrade your dating photos so you can meet your next sweetie?  

I'm ready when you are.