Kyle’s Level-Up Dating Photo Experience

Meet Kyle!

When Kyle reached out he told me he was about to move to Japan for work and had semi-recently gotten out of a long term relationship. So he was about to get back into online dating and wanted to be intentional about it. He said,

“I’m ready to meet my future wife.”

Kyle sent me nine of his current dating photos. Some of them he had used on his Hinge profile, some he had used on Bumble, some were just sitting in his camera roll.

Kyle told me he already had some pretty solid dating photos. He was right!

Here are the dating photos Kyle shared:

Kyle's before dating photos

3 of Kyle’s dating photos stood out to me as definite keepers:

Here’s the run-down of Kyle’s best dating photos from left to right:

  • Dance floor photo: SO. FUN. Women on dating apps will see this and know for damn sure what kind of wedding date Kyle is; not a wallflower, Kyle clearly likes to get down on the dance floor.

  • Sexy captain photo: I mean…Kyle has a great body so there’s that but this photo doesn’t have show-off vibes like “look at my body 💪🏼”. Instead, it feels like a fun off-the-cuff moment with friends somewhere beautiful. This kind of dating photo works overtime because it simultaneously shows Kyle in great shape and likes adventures PLUS it’s a conversation starter: women who see his dating profile might message him to ask–was this in the mediterranean? what’s the story behind it? Kyle can answer and boom! Here goes a conversation and he’s on his way to a first date.

  • Kyle & his dog: Cuteness level 10/10. Both Kyle and his dog seem completely content and in the moment, living that good life. This photo meets the criteria for dating photos with dogs and will be a magnet for outdoorsy dog-loving babes on apps like Hinge and Bumble 😍

The Level-Up Dating Photography Package was perfect for Kyle.

Kyle already had some great online dating photos, he just needed some new ones to mix in to make his dating profile irresistible.

To round out his current dating photos and make his Bumble and Hinge profiles kick maximum ass, I made a plan. The kinds of dating photos Kyle needed were:

  • Quality dating headshot photos that show off his face and his eyes, to use as the first photo in his dating profile

  • Some dating photos with…date vibes! Dating photos of Kyle wearing going-out clothes & in environments where he might take a date (making it super easy for babes to imagine being on a date with him!)

  • A photo of Kyle with his camera because he’s super into photography (Kyle and I have this in common! 🤗 ) plus a book since he’s an avid reader.
Kyle changing his shoes during his dating photo shoot

Dating Photography Package: Level Up

Photoshoot Location: Bellevue, WA

Upgrades: Zoom Style Session + Dating Profile Photo Curation

Here’s what we did for Kyle’s Level-Up dating photography session

Kyle is a die-hard pour-over coffee fan so starting his dating photoshoot at a coffeeshop was a no-brainer. On his photoshoot planning questionnaire he shared that he lives in Issaquah and generally likes suburban vibes; he also loves being near water and especially around marinas.

We settled on Bellevue for Kyle’s dating profile photoshoot location — not the swanky high-risey part of Bellevue, old Bellevue, along Main St. with those suburban vibes and lots of visual variety — shops, restaurants, the park, and a marina just a few blocks away!

Kyle liked the clothes he had in his wardrobe but wanted help planning outfits for his dating photoshoot, so he added a Zoom Style Session to his Level-Up dating photo package. We went through his closet and put together a variety of outfits for his dating photography session. 

We wanted a semi-dressy date-night look for Kyle but couldn’t find one he felt great in (he had an old suit jacket that we liked but it didn’t work with jeans and a full suit felt too formal). I recommended the brand Rodd & Gunn and Kyle made a quick run to Nordstrom over the weekend to pick up a beautiful, casual blazer to wear with jeans:

Kyle sent me a quick pic from the dressing room at Nordstrom in Bellevue Square

Kyle was scheduled to fly to Japan right after his dating photoshoot so we crossed our fingers for good weather (in October…in the PNW…). Miraculously we got it! We had a beautiful sunny day for Kyle’s photoshoot and we had a great time exploring Bellevue together (including coffee, date vibes, the marina (we saw turtles!), and reading at the park).

After his dating photo shoot Kyle told me,

I really enjoyed the shoot! I was surprised at how fun it was. Thanks for making it a good experience. I fly out tomorrow morning so thanks for squeezing me into the schedule and making this work out.

Kyle’s dating photography gallery included over 100 new online dating photos!

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of my favorite shots:

After Kyle’s photoshoot, Kyle was overwhelmed by the number of new dating photos he had to choose from and wanted help choosing which photos (and in what order) to use for his new Hinge profile so he added dating profile photo curation to his Level-Up package.

I hand-picked photos for Kyle’s new Hinge profile — choosing the best dating photos and placing them in strategic order for maximum swooning 🥰.

Kyle’s new Hinge profile blended 3 of the best dating photos he already had, with 3 new dating photos from his professional dating photo shoot.

Check out Kyle’s new Hinge profile:

Kyle looks handsome, he looks real, he looks totally genuine and approachable, and he looks FUN. 

Total hubby material! 😍😍😍

. . .

If Kyle’s experience sounds like something that could work for you, to take your online dating profile from so-so to SO GOOD, hit me up!

And don’t wait until you’re not nervous (nerves are normal) — once you’re just a little more excited than you are nervous, now is the time. I’m ready when you are!