Meet Tannya – My Favorite Personal Stylist

This post is for folks who need some help figuring out what to wear for their online dating photography session (and maybe just… in general). 

Your dating profile photoshoot isn’t *about* your clothes, not by a long stretch. But what you wear will definitely have a big impact on your new online dating photos.

Clothes are one of several tools we’ll use in your dating photography session to give potential partners on dating apps more information about you and your life.

The effect of what you wear in your online dating photos is a lot like the effect of what you wear for an actual date.

The downside: If you show up to a date wearing clothing that doesn’t fit you well or that you don’t feel like yourself in, your date will probably notice because you’ll be giving off subtle (or maybe not so subtle) nonverbal cues that project hesitance and uncertainty (not attractive) rather than confidence and presence (ridiculously attractive). The same thing can happen with your online dating photos – people are amazing at picking up nonverbal signals even from a split-second glance at a photo. 

The upside: If your online dating photos show you rocking quality, well-fitted clothes in a range of styles from casual to dressy…

  • It helps potential matches imagine dating you by showing them what you look and feel like in different contexts.
  • It gives clues about your personality (that brightly colored floral shirt says “I like to have fun and I’m not afraid to stand out!”).
  • It shows partners that you understand that how you present yourself matters (especially on dating apps), you’re making an effort to present yourself in an attractive and authentic way, and you see yourself as a person who deserves to look and feel good.

If you’re nodding along like “yeah, this all makes sense and sounds true”, good! If you need some help putting it into actual practice, don’t worry— help is here:

Enter Tannya– personal stylist for everyday folks like me and you.

Tannya gets it. Like, really gets it. She has the same ethos as me: we don’t need to transform you to fit some sort of standard or mold–what we’re going to do instead is tease out the authentic you and get you looking and feeling like the best version of yourself for your real, actual life. She’s not about telling you what you “should” wear or educating you about what’s trending or dressing you up in things you wouldn’t actually wear on the daily.

As a personal stylist, Tannya basically comes in and does the wardrobe version of what I do with online dating photography.

In other words:

  • She figures out what you already have that’s working
  • She gets to know the real you (what you’re into, your vibe, how you spend your time)
  • And then she sets you up with new items that will be 100% you, enhance and round out what you already have, and send you out into the world looking and feeling so damn good

Tannya has come to the rescue of so many of my dating photography clients who are struggling with what to wear for their new dating app photos and, now that you mention it, are not stoked about their wardrobe in general (a problem not only for the dating photography session but also when it comes time to go on dates). They know they need some new clothes, but they don’t know what to buy and aren’t excited about shopping. Now that they’ve got a dating photoshoot on the calendar, it’s the perfect nudge to finally update their wardrobe.

It was actually one of my dating photography clients who originally introduced me to Tannya (shoutout to Hrik!). 

During his online dating photoshoot Hrik just kept pulling out one bangin’ outfit after another (Hrik is only 20 so this level of style and swagger was really notable). The pivotal moment went something like this

Me to Hrik after about the 3rd killer outfit: “Damn, Hrik, every outfit you put on is fresh AF. Your style game is on POINT!”

Hrik: “Thanks, it’s basically all new clothes! I hired this person Tannya to shop for me.”

Me: “OMG Tannya-who?! I NEED TO KNOW HER!”

I reached out to Tannya that same afternoon and have pretty much been obsessed ever since. At this point, not only have I hired Tannya for myself, my dear friend, and my partner, I’ve also referred dozens of my dating photography clients to her and every damn one shows up to their dating photoshoot looking fantastic, and also looking like they’re wearing clothes they’ve always owned (in other words, everybody looks relaxed authentic and not at all like somebody else dressed them). 

Tannya doesn’t have one set style or or narrow wheelhouse–she can style ANYBODY (whether your style has some urban hip-hop flavors like Hrik’s, or whether you’ve got more of a classic gentleman or feminine girl-next door situation style).

Tannya’s goal is to help you give off confident, feel-good vibes in your dating photos (and your everyday life) by setting you up with clothes you (wait for it…) actually feel confident and good in!

She’s not about formulas or hacks (neither am I). She’s about what’s real, what’s practical, and what’s authentically YOU.

If you’re curious about working with Tannya check out her website and schedule your Closet Edit asap! You can thank me later 😘

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