Online Dating Tips from an Expert: Blaine

Several of my recent male dating photo clients have shared that hiring me as their dating app photographer isn't the only way they're investing in their love lives; they're also working with a coach to improve their online dating bios and their general approach to connecting with women. One of those coaches is Blaine. Blaine […]

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Dating Photo Client Interview: Scott

Meet Scott! Scott reached out about hiring me for dating profile photography back in November. We got to know each other a bit over the phone and then cooked up a plan for a dating photo session that incorporated some of Scott's favorite things (like coffee and off-roading and hanging with his giant pup Reuben). […]

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What Women Think of Professional Dating Photos

Occasionally when I’m talking to someone who is thinking about hiring me as their dating profile photographer they’ll say something along the lines of, “but...won’t professional dating photos make me look like I’m trying too hard?” My in-a-nutshell and based-on-experience answer has gradually evolved to this: "Professional dating photos won’t make it look like you’re […]

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4 Photos You Need in Your Dating Profile

Choosing photos for your online dating profile can feel kind of overwhelming. Your dating profile is basically marketing for your love life and marketing is not easy, especially when the product is...yourself.  The good news is there are 4 shots pretty much everybody should include in their online dating profile photos.  These dating photos have […]

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What to Wear in Your Dating Profile Photos

So you’ve booked a professional dating profile photographer (YAY!). Now...what to wear? I always send my dating photo clients a pre-session packing list so they know which types of clothes and how many of each to pack, depending on the length of session we're doing. But sometimes it’s helpful to have a little more of […]

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