Online Dating Profile Photography FAQ

I usually feel awkward in front of a camera and have no idea how to pose, can you make someone like me look relaxed and cool in my new dating photos?

Lol! I wish I had a dollar for every time a dating photography client said something like this. You do not need to know what you're doing to have stellar dating app photos. Let me say it louder for the people in the back: 


Your only job is to have a good attitude, be present, and follow directions. 

And re: awkwardness... a dating photo session with me is less like you're modeling or posing and more like you’re going for a walk with a bossy new friend and her camera. Yes, I will coach you on where to sit or stand and how to position your body so you look relaxed and attractive in your dating photos but mostly we'll be having one long running conversation and I'll be shooting the whole time.  

Does my photoshoot for dating profile photos need to happen in Seattle?

Nope! We can rock an online dating photoshoot just about anywhere. I'm available for online dating photography in all of the cities surrounding Seattle -- Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah, Tacoma, Everett, Renton, Edmonds, Bothell, Woodinville, Edmonds, you name it! If you'd like me to travel to you to do your dating profile photoshoot outside of the Seattle area, just ask (travel and lodging fees may apply).  

In general, for the most authentic dating profile photos I I like to choose a location that’s relevant to you, whether it’s your hood (like shooting dating photos around Greenlake) or a favorite area to spend time (like doing dating photography in Capitol Hill), or maybe it’s just somewhere with that gritty urban vibe that you love (like capturing dating app photos in Ballard). We'll choose a rendezvous spot and shoot your online dating photos in the surrounding area. For longer dating photoshoots we may drive to multiple locations.

I need a new professional headshot photo for my LinkedIn profile -- is this something we can do during my online dating photoshoot?

Not only can we update your LinkedIn profile photo during your dating photography session, we really should! 

Many people (especially women dating men) like to cross-reference someone they matched with on a dating app like Hinge or Bumble as a bit of reassurance that you're real, you are who you say you are, etc.. LinkedIn is great for this because it tends to be a reputable platform as far as social media is concerned, plus it lists things like your job title which should match the job you list on your dating profile. 

If your dating profile photos are top-notch but then someone lands on your awkward or outdated or cringy corporate LinkedIn profile picture it's kind of a buzzkill so I always recommend that people do a LinkedIn profile photo update while we're upgrading their online dating photos. You can ready more about why you should update your LinkedIn photo if you are online dating on my blog.

I notice your website shows lots of dating photos for men. Do you do dating photography for women too?

I most definitely do dating photography for women! In fact, I LOVE photographing women and two of my dearest friends are women who hired me to shoot dating profile photos and portraits of them (shout out to Sarah & Marisa!). My dating photo website is heavy on photos of men because 70% of my clients are men. 

Anybody who has worked with me knows that I'm pretty direct so I won't mince words here--the Seattle online dating scene just seems to be tougher for men (in part, I'm sure because, demographically, Seattle has more men than women, and for that I think we an thank the tech industry). Plus I have a theory that men don't take as many photos of themselves or each other so when it comes time to choose dating profile photos it's just extra hard. 

In any case, whatever your gender, if you find yourself sifting through a short supply of low quality camera roll pics for your dating profile, it's pretty unlikely you're going to feel great about your dating profile and equally unlikely that your dating profile will effectively attract high-quality matches.

The people I work with know this, especially the  women.  Women will frequently tell me it's not a necessarily a lack of matches that's motivating them to hire a dating photographer, but more specifically a lack of matches with people they'd be excited about dating. With every woman I work with (and, honestly, with all the men too) I focus on planning a dating photoshoot that properly communicates the wonderful, multi-dimensional, real, lovable person that you are so you can jump in the Seattle online dating pool with confidence and catch the eyes of the kinds of people you'd be thrilled to date.
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I don't live in Seattle but I'd like to hire you as my dating photographer. Do you work with people who aren't local and if so, how do we handle logistics? 

I shoot dating app photos for people from outside the Seattle area often! In fact a good chunk of my dating photography clients are from Oregon, and I've even had people come from as far as Minnesota & Alaska! We typically handle it one of two ways:

1. you come up to Seattle for your dating photoshoot (most clients who do this choose to stay with a friend or book a hotel room for the night before the photoshoot as we typically shoot first thing in the morning), or, 

2. I come to you. This would involve a fee in addition to the price of the dating photoshoot to cover the cost of my travel to and from the location and lodging if necessary.

What happens if it rains in Seattle on the day I booked you as my dating profile photographer?

We'll be in touch in the days leading up to your dating profile photo session and if the weather forecast predicts rain or freezing temperatures, we'll reschedule, no biggie

As my dating profile photographer will you help me decide what to wear?

Absolutely! What you wear for your dating profile photos has a big impact on how your pics turn out so I've got your back on wardrobe. 

When you book the Whole-9 dating photography package you get the gold-star photoshoot wardrobe experience 😎. Your dating photography experience includes a one-on-one virtual style session with my favorite professional personal stylist. 

If you book the Level-Up dating photography package you get a detailed packing list (with photo samples!) that walks you through planning your dating photo shoot wardrobe. Want more help! You can upgrade your experience with  virtual dating ($175 and 100% worth it). 

For some of my dating photography clients, their photo shoot is a good kick-in-the-pants to improve their wardrobe in general (not just for the dating photos but for life!).

If what's in your closet doesn't reflect the current you, doesn't fit quite right, or maybe you've never had a wardrobe you love - now might be the perfect time to step up your style game. Tannya is my favorite personal stylist and the woman behind all of my best-dressed clients. She'll do for your wardrobe what I'm going to do for your dating photos -- figure out what's working, purge what's not, and shop for new items that are totally you.

Where will I change clothes during my dating profile photography session?

Typically, in your car! (or mine if you don't have one). 

During your online dating photography session your car (or mine) becomes our mobile closet and changing room. We'll park somewhere off the beaten path and when it comes time to change clothes you'll just hop in the back seat and do your thing. Many people wear base layers and just change right on the sidewalk by the side of the car. It's not fancy but it's fast and practical.

If you aren't comfortable changing clothes in a car we can arrange for you to change in a nearby restroom, no prob 😘

Should I get professional hair or make-up done for my dating app photo session?

This one is about personal preference but I'll give you my honest take: No, you don't need professional hair and make-up for your dating photos. This goes for men and for women both. 

Your dating photos are marketing of sorts; you're marketing yourself. And if you're playing a long game here (you want to actually meet people and go on not just first dates but second and third dates), it's crucial that you represent yourself honestly. So having the level of polish to your appearance that typically results from professional styling, unless you regularly look that polished, could actually work against you. You don't want anybody feeling surprised when they meet you in person.

All that being said, if having a pro groom you would make a big difference in how you *feel* going into your dating photo session (more confident, more relaxed), then that's meaningful. Just be sure to ask for a super subtle, natural look and keep it as close to your everyday appearance as possible. For what it's worth, none of the people in the dating photos on this website had professional hair or make-up done before their shoot.

Do you edit dating photos? 

All of the photos in your dating photo gallery will be edited to look clean and appealing without looking modified.  I will adjust things like lighting, contrast, color, tone, etc., but I won't typically change how you look (let's call this retouching). You'll have the option, once you see your gallery, of requesting retouching on particular images for $25/photo but only about 1 in every 20 or so clients does this and only then on the occasional close-up headshot. 

The truth is that the photos don't need retouching (they're strong right out of the camera), and, most importantly, *you* don't need retouching. You are just fine as you are.  Plus, I assume you are hoping to connect with people on dating apps who will also think you are just fine as you are. Not to mention, it's pretty hard to get a second date if you surprise someone on the first date by looking different in real life than you do in your dating photos <--people *hate* when this happens.

Anyhow, you're hopefully getting a sense of my philosophy here. If you'd like changes to your appearance it's best to share them with me before booking your dating photo session so I understand what you're looking for. If you think you want me to make big changes to your appearance (like altering the size/shape of your body) I may try to gently talk you out of it; I may also not be the right dating profile photographer for you.

Do I have to buy photos from my dating photography session? 

Nope! Your new dating photos are included with the photo session. After your session you get a super slick private online gallery where you can download all your new dating profile pics--more than enough to try out different photos on your dating profiles and see which ones get you the most matches with the types of people you most want to match with).
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More questions about online dating photography? Reach out and ask em! 

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