Why You Need a Strong LinkedIn Headshot For Online Dating

Alright, this post is mostly for the fellas and it’s pretty straightforward.

If you are a man meeting women on dating apps:

consider your LinkedIn profile part of your online dating profile (*especially* your LinkedIn profile photo).

Why? Because as a matter of safety and common sense, almost all women will cross-reference you on at least one other social media platform before agreeing to meet up with you in person.

We wanna know–are you a real person? Do the things you say about yourself on your dating profile line up with other things we can find about you on the internet? 

At minimum women want reassurance that you’re unlikely to be a serial killer. But even better, we’re looking for more pieces of your puzzle, more reasons to like you, and more clues to help us feel out whether we might be a good fit for each other.

So, if you’re revamping your online dating profile to attract higher quality matches by, say, hiring a professional dating photographer, it’s worthwhile to take a critical look at your photos on all social media.

For women in the 25-45 age range cross-referencing men on dating apps, LinkedIn is KING.

bad dating photo
Ayush before hiring a professional dating photographer

This surprises some guys but think of it like this: 

If I’m a woman in my thirties, I want a guy who is financially stable.

I may not want someone to provide for me financially but I sure as hell want confidence that you can and do reliably provide for yourself. Ideally you have built or are currently building a strong career doing something that you love and are good at. 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no way to tell a person’s financial situation from social media but you can get some clues and the best place to find those types of clues is on LinkedIn. 

If a college degree is important to me I can see when and where you went to school. If work history matters to me I can see where you’ve worked and for how long. 

And on an even more primal level, women will scope out your LinkedIn profile pic and see how it lines up with what you’re saying and showing in your online dating profile.

Is your LinkedIn photo current? Are you appropriately dressed? 

An up-to-date, industry-appropriate professional headshot on LinkedIn, that aligns with the story you’re telling in your dating profile shows women:

  • I’ve got my shit together professionally.
  • I know what kinds of clothes and photos are appropriate in different contexts (women love to see a surfing pic on your dating profile but unless you’re a professional surfer, your LinkedIn profile photo better be a different shot)
  • And, most importantly: You can trust me. I am who I say I am
sad dating photo
Roman before hiring a professional dating photographer

SO. If you’re going to the trouble of hiring a professional dating photographer because you’re intent on improving your odds of meeting someone really special: update your LinkedIn photo while you’re at it. 

It’s easy: when you hire me as your dating profile photographer, I’ll ask you whether you need a LinkedIn headshot update while we’re at it.

If you do, we’ll make sure what you wear for your dating photography session includes a killer outfit for your professional headshots and we’ll knock out a new LinkedIn profile photo while we shoot your new dating pics.

Two birds, one stone!