Dating Photography Client Interview: Scott

Meet Scott!

Scott reached out about hiring me for dating profile photography back in November. We got to know each other a bit over the phone and then cooked up a plan for a dating photo session that incorporated some of Scott’s favorite things (like coffee and off-roading and hanging with his giant pup Reuben).

Scott booked a Whole 9 Dating Photo Session. We met up at The Bindlestick and explored front street in Snoqualmie to start. Then we headed over to Fall City for some small town vibes and a little Jeep action.

We lucked out and got a beautiful sunny winter day for Scott’s dating photos. Reuben was stoked too–road tripping and multiple walks in new parks on the same day?! Livin’ the good life!

I checked in with Scott after his dating photo shoot and this is what he had to say…

Andrea: Why did you decide to hire a professional dating photographer? 

Scott: I got out of a relationship and had no good photos of just myself. I had a few selfies and a few I had friends take but nothing I was happy with. I tried to use them on a profile and had very poor luck. I decided that I needed help and started searching for photographers.

Andrea: What made you decide to hire me?

Scott: I looked through several websites, some aggregators that provided little detail about who I would be working with, and a few individuals but their websites were all cold business. When I read your about you page I laughed my ass off which immediately made me like you and had a human connection. I also liked that you have flat pricing and I get all of the photos, even the goofy ones.

Dating App Photo with Dog

Andrea: I love the goofy ones! Alright so you booked a dating photo session. How did you feel before the photoshoot–was there anything you were nervous or uncertain about?

Scott: Before the shoot I was nervous about picking the right clothes. We had some back and forth on clothing and accessories and I did a little shopping and settled on what I wanted to bring. I wasn’t sure how the photo shoot itself would go, I feel like I don’t take good photos, the classic “say cheese” style and I always feel awkward in those and get told to smile more, practice in a mirror.

Men's dating profile photo

Andrea: Oh man, just about everybody who hires for dating photos me tells me they feel awkward getting their picture taken. It runs deep! Ok so you pushed through the nerves and showed up on shoot day. How did it feel once we got starting shooting? What was the shoot itself like for you?

Scott: The photo shoot was like a conversation where someone happened to have a camera with them. We spent 4 hours going around the Snoqualmie / Fall City area talking while you snapped pictures. There were occasional pauses for changing positions and giving directions. I didn’t feel nervous at all.

Andrea: YES! I love that. You didn’t seem nervous at all. So how did feel when you saw your dating photo gallery the following week?

Scott: I didn’t think they were me! I’ve never liked photos of myself in the past. These photos had real smiles and weren’t robotic or awkward!

Andrea: Ok so this is the part everyone is always dying to know…What has happened since your dating photo shoot?

Scott: I created a profile on Bumble with the top 5 pictures from our photo shoot and one selfie.

I made this profile while sitting on my couch at 10am. By 4pm I had 12 conversations going and 40 more profiles / likes to go through.

I’ve gone on several dates and the stream of likes hasn’t stopped. I had a similar experience with Hinge, using the same set of photos– I have a constant stream of likes and new conversations going. It’s been insane, I’ve had to start a notebook to track conversations. Compare this to my attempt before the photo shoot where I would get 2-3 likes a week between both apps.


happy dance

Of COURSE you’re meeting hella babes on dating apps, you’re a total catch!

Thanks for going out on a limb with me, Scott, and for giving us a glimpse into your dating photo experience. I’ll keep an eye out for an invitation to your wedding in my mailbox next year 😉

. . .

Wanna look cool like Scott and start getting hella matches?