My Favorite Dating Guru: Logan Ury

I don’t throw the term guru around lightly. This woman is the REAL DEAL.

If you haven’t heard of Logan Ury, you can thank me later.

Behavioral scientist turned dating coach, Logan’s content is the best I’ve encountered about navigating the modern dating landscape.

I first heard of Logan from my client Sarah, who heard her interviewed about her book:

How to Not Die Alone: The Surprising Science That Will Help You Find Love“.

Since then I’ve worked my way through loads of her content and find her approach and advice to be the most lovely balance of

–scientifically compelling (she’s all about that data)

–good common sense wisdom

–tough love

And I find it all so very…reassuring.

I joined Logan’s email list (weekly dating and relationship advice delivered to your inbox!) and suggest you do the same.

And if you end up loving her you and need more 1-on-1 help, you can hire Logan for everything from dating coaching to a 90-minute (relationship) decision-making convo, to breakup planning << I’m not making this up!

Alright, I’m done fan-girling. Logan is the bomb. If you don’t know, now you know.

[ psssst….a dangerously effective combo would be to work your way through Logan’s content *and* hire me as your dating photographer so you can put all that relationship knowledge to good use! ]